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Rennsport Reunion

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Four items to win
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The 963 VIP Package

Airplane with tickets

What can you win?

Experience Rennsport Reunion 7 like an icon. Two lucky winners and their guests will win a VIP trip to Rennsport Reunion. This includes an exclusive road trip to the event brought to you by the Peterson Museum and VIP Rennsport Reunion tickets sold nowhere else.

Who can win it?

The ultimate VIP trip is available to Porsche owners who register with their VIN and get their oil changed at their nearest Porsche dealer.**

The GT2 Package

Three tickets displayed

What can you win?

View renowned Porsche race cars on track, brush the shoulders of Porsche icons, and surround yourself with fellow Porsche enthusiasts with access to Rennsport Reunion 7 for all four days for you and your guest.

Who can win it?

These tickets are exclusively for Porsche owners who register with their VIN.

Mobil 1 x Porsche GT1-98 Kits

Toolbox with t-shirt and object

What can you win?

What do the GT1 - 98 and the Mobil 1 x Porsche Owner Kits have in common? Well, the number 98 that is. 98 lucky Porsche owners have the chance to get their hands on these limited-edition kits that include a leather tool roll, racing jersey, and more.***

Who can win it?

The Mobil 1 x Porsche GT1 - 98 Kits are exclusively for Porsche owners who register with their VIN.

***Items may appear different shown when recieved

The Icons Digital Wallpapers

background examples of Porsches

What can you win?

Telling the story of 1.5 million Mobil 1 powered Porsches would take a lifetime, so we decided to honor seven of those. Check out the seven Icons highlighted in the digital wallpaper collection.

Who can win it?

Available to everyone who registers, registration is easy and the download is delivered to your inbox immediately after submission.

Celebrate the icons of Porsche through films

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Read the stories of 7 of the 1.5 million Porsches Factory Filled with Mobil 1

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